Monday, 21 January 2013

My sonnet for 2013.

Twas the night before the package and all through the land 
The BHs of are dreaming of good times ahead
With the Kids and the Boyz who grew to be Men
We're thinking and scheming and planning in pen.
Along with Jeff and Justin, Nick and that boy Drew
That's 12 guys together, and what a fine looking crew. 
For those who moan now "why a new merger!" 
They will die down once we hit that new fervour
So for my homeys, peeps and frienemies near and far
Trying for that elusive Ultimate or at least a 5*.
The time for new music from our Boston boys is here.
So instead of fighting and gossiping we need to cheer.
Say loud and proud in your highest pitch
To paraphrase Britney "It's The Block, Bitch!"

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