Tuesday, 12 June 2012

No NKOTB w/o Joey? It almost happened.

  Some of you may have heard by now, but in case you haven't...

During Joey's show on the boat, he admitted that he was going to leave NKOTB after the Full Service tour to focus on other things, but partially due to the relationships with other members were just like before before he realized it was more internal for him. (working on the upload for that, coming soon. NORMAL soon. And again, HE IS NOT LEAVING THE GROUP NOW.  Because sadly, some people need to read. ) It goes w/o saying that him leaving would have been a major blow and probably the group disbanding again since he is one of the leads.

That got me thinking. Where would I be now? While the core group of local friends I had were built during the first year, I made a lot of other friends AFTER my last Full Service show. Had it all ended then, a lot of good people would never have been in my life. No more cruises or tours or parties. No NKOTBSB (and Joey also admitted during the Town Hall on the boat that he shot down the idea at first.) Twitter wouldn't have been vital to me like it is now. And like many of you, the personal relationships we built with individual members would be close to non existant.

On the other side...I would have more money lol. And at the same time only one year of fun instead of four. I remember saying to Donnie in my last meet/greet on that tour that I was sad that it was over for me and he said "don't say that" (that was back when we didn't know each other.) Now I realized that could have been the last time I ever saw him. I was on the fence about going to Houston for the final show but ended up not going as I told myself "I already made my goodbyes to this tour." That could have easily been "I made my goodbyes to them for GOOD."

I would have respected Joey either way because if he wasn't happy in the group then what is the point of staying? But it's safe to say I'm glad he did.

I am not somethat that cries easily but I just about lost it when he said this:

"the most important thing about this group is not the shows and defintely not about the money but the love I have for these 4 other guys."


So now knowing about this 3 years after he made this decision to stay, what are you feeling?

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