Monday, 4 June 2012

For those not on BN, a lot of us participate in a 30 day blog challenge and I would like to @denaaaa for creating the list of daily questions to answer.  Some were easier to write than others, some more entertaining, some more reflective.  For the last day, I wanted to share this with everyone.  

Why are you a fan?

Because I like pop music and I like cute guys? 

At least that was me 20 years ago. But now it means more than that. It was the one bright spot in my early teen years because when I had no one to talk to and deemed socially unfit, I still had "them." When they went away, I realized I was now on my own without them and I managed to survive. But when I turned 30 in December 2007, I was still in a pretty dark place in my life and I had to tell myself that I needed to do something for me but in order to do that, I needed something to spark inside of me. A month later, I heard they were coming back and I took that to be a sign. 

My life is nowhere close to what I envisioned for myself and chances are the dreams I had for myself when I was 12 will never materialize. That's how life works for some people. But I'm certainly in a better spot than I was a few years ago physically, emotionally, mentally. I have these guys to thank for turning me around. I thank those who I have met over the past 4 years for helping me become a better person. And there is that one person who I am deeply indebted to and eternally grateful that they're in my life. Artists and their fans have that special bond that can't be broken. We're fortunate to have that twice in our lifetime. I know that I want to embrace and enjoy every second of it of this opportunity. I hope that you all do the same. 

I guess that's the end of this challenge. I hope those who read them got to know me a little bit more, especially those who may have heard "things about me" from outside sources. For those who are cruising, stop by my room 8150 and say hi. I will try to tweet as best as I can from the cruise so I can update everyone not on board with us. It's our time to #liveitup. 


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