Saturday, 17 September 2011

Ground rules for Cover Me Canada

I figure it's a lot easier to write a blog instead of writing up 40 tweets so here goes.

"Cover Me Canada" starts on the 19th.  What has been posted by the Cover Me Canada account is that the episodes will be available online BUT due to copyright content, may not be available outside of Canada.  Which leaves 2 options:

1) install Hotspot Shield (free program) but may be flaky.

2) I record, rip and upload to third party sites.

The show airs at 9 PM Eastern BUT we Canadians have two other times zones, Atlantic and Newfoundland.  If my satellite info holds, I can see it one hour before, 8 PM EDT.  So what the CURRENT plan is this:

Record the show at 8, rip the file from my DVD, upload to sharing sites like Megaupload before I go to bed, worse case, first thing when I get to work Monday morning.  Then during the week, create Jordan specific highlights for my Youtube channel (let's face it, there's only so much Gordon Lightfoot one can take.)

Now please note the following: I am at a wedding the weekend of the 25th so I won't be able to upload it until I return on October 1st. (I will be leaving town Sept 22 so I will not be uploading Donnie on Rachael Ray either, but Blanco Diddy will be covering that one.  That will also be uploaded to my channel when I get back.)

More importantly, please be patient. I record shows to my DVD recorder first, so I have to record, finalize the disc, rip the file, and then upload which can take at least an extra 1-2 hours.  If it gets too cumbersome, I'll have to cut my losses and just stop doing it. The shows will NOT be tagged as I want to share with everyone, but please do give me credit for it.  Any specific questions, I'll do my best to answer on Twitter though I may be on and off for the next few days, so please RT this blog so people get a general idea as to what my plans are.  If you do manage to download the show before the link expires, do "pay it forward" and upload it again so more people can access it.

We set?  We good?  Then I hope Jordan adores this song


Next week I will post a poll as to how to proceed for future shows: either upload the entire show and do the Jordan stuff strictly for Youtube or Jordan stuff only.

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